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You can use your “Profile” page to view information about your MyST user account and change settings.

  Required user roles

All users can access the following core features:

  • View account information in the top-most panel.
  • Reset help messages.
  • View sites their account has access to use.
  • Change their display name and profile picture.

Other features may not be available to all user roles.

  How to access

Click your display name or profile picture from the user panel.



MyST user account information

The following information is displayed:

Field Comment
Profile image Your profile image is displayed.


If no image has been assigned to your account, a generic placeholder will be displayed.

  • To upload a new profile image, click the cloud icon.
  • To remove the profile image, click the bin icon.
Display name If assigned, your display name is displayed beneath the profile image. To add/change your display name, go to your Display options.
Username Your username.
Email address Your email address.
Role Your assigned User Role.
Valid IP/network(s) You may have limited user privileges or be prevented from signing in when you connect from a network outside of the range specified here. Site admin roles can modify the valid IP’s of their sub-users.
Role if invalid IP If you connect from an IP address outside the range(s) specified, then your level of access may be restricted.
Last logged in The date and time you last logged in.
Last IP The IP address of where you last logged in from.
Language The selected language currently applied to the user's account.

This is the username of your administrator. If you are having issues with your account, we recommend that you first contact your administrator for assistance.

Note: This field is not displayed if your user account was created by Trust Payments (e.g. if you are a site administrator).

Two-factor authentication Use this toggle to enable/disable/reset two-factor authentication on your user account.


"Reset help messages"

Clicking the “Reset help messages” link will restore all tips that have been dismissed while using MyST.



Click the “Sites” button on your profile page to view a pop-up that lists all site references associated with your account.



For each site in the table, the following information is displayed:

Header Comment
Site reference Unique reference to the site e.g. example12345.
Merchant name The name of your business or organisation.
Site status Indicates whether or not a site is enabled (Disabled sites are unable to process transactions).
Acquirers The name of the acquiring bank(s) through which you can process requests.

Click a site reference in the table to view further information.



Click the “Users” button on your profile page to display a pop-up that lists all child users associated with your MyST user account.



For each user in the table, the following information is displayed:

Header Comment
Avatar Child user’s avatar image.
Username Display name and username of the child user.
Click a user to view further information.
Role Role assigned to the child user.
Click here for a full list of roles.
Last logged in The date and time the child user last signed in.

Click a username in the table to view the child user’s profile page.


Change password

Click the “Change password” button on your profile page to change the sign-in password associated with your MyST account. You must first enter your current password, before choosing a new password. The new password must meet the following requirements:

  • Length: 8-50 characters
  • Contain at least one character from each of the following groups:
    • UPPERCASE letters: A-Z
    • lowercase letters: a-z
    • Numbers: 0-9
    • At least one of the following symbols: ~!#$%^&*(_{[}]<,>?



Edit email

Click the “Edit email” button on your profile page to change the email address associated with your MyST account. Enter a new email address into the field provided and click “Update” to save your changes.


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