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Once you have signed in, you will be displayed the “Dashboard“.

For users with access to transaction history, your “Dashboard” will provide at-a-glance statistics regarding the recent performance of your site(s). Click here to learn more about the “Dashboard“.





To the left of every page, you will see the side-bar. This is your main method of navigating through MyST.

Clicking your profile picture or username will take you to your profile page and settings.

Click the computer icon to display your current user role, current IP address, the IP address of the last device to sign into your account and the time that this occurred.

If the two IP values differ, this suggests that the last successful sign in occurred on a different device to the one you are currently using, but please note that your IP can vary when signing in remotely using a cellular network, or when securing your connection using a VPN.

Note: You can restrict sign in on your account to a specific range of trusted IPs. Contact our Support Team for assistance.

If you prefer to collapse the side-bar when it is not in use, to reclaim screen real-estate, click the pin icon to unpin the full menu from the side of the page. To view the menu again, hover over the side-bar and it will slide back into view.

Links to other pages can be found below the pin.

  Click "CONTACT US" in the side-bar to view contact details for our Support Team. Among the information shown is a unique reference (e.g. "Ref: M1-2u5gnawe/peu") that is generated every time you load a MyST page in your browser. If you encounter problems while using MyST, be sure to reference this value when contacting our Support Team, as this will assist us when troubleshooting.


Quick links

Our quick links can be found in the upper-right of any MyST page, and give you immediate access to key features.


If you need further information on how to use the page currently displayed on-screen, click the “Help” link. This will display the help overlay on the right of the page.

  If you need to get in touch with us, contact details for our different teams can be found at the bottom of the help overlay.

Click the cog to access to config menu. From here, you can access your user profile page, modify display options or sign out.


Universal search

At the top of every page, you have immediate access to our search utility. Type in your query and press return to process the search.


When you process a search, MyST will simultaneously search for transactions, users and sites that match the search query. Click here for further information.

  Different users are assigned different roles, and as such, may or may not have permission to search and view all of the entities listed above. Click the computer icon beneath your profile picture in the side-bar to view your user role.

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