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Account page

The Account page shows postings to Merchant accounts for a specific range of posting dates. All monetary items affecting a Merchant’s account(s) can be viewed through this page. In order to ensure that response times are consistent, the number of rows that are returned by this page is limited to a maximum of 200 rows. If more than 200 rows are available, then the message “Can’t show all lines from the database, shows first 200” is displayed. However, the CSV file does not limit the number of rows; therefore, downloading it ensures that all data can be displayed.


Field Description
Posted Date The posting date on which the item in question was posted to the account.
Trans Type Transaction type. For example:
  • “Merchant Purchase Deposit” – deposited presentments – credited to the payment account retail;
  • “Merchant Payments” – a payment to the merchant – debited from the payment account retail.

For source transfer transactions and miscellaneous adjustments, if the operator entered the value ## at the beginning of the narrative for the item, it is displayed in this column.

Slips The number of internal slip numbers covered by the item. For example, the number of purchase presentments covered by a single credit to the payment account retail.
Ref No Internal OmniPay 11 digit slip number for the posting.
Rev “Yes” if this is a reversal. Blank otherwise. For example, “Yes” for chargebacks that were originally charged to the merchant (that is, chargebacks that were transferred to the merchant’s payment account retail), but which the merchant was able to successfully defend (and which were then reversed out of the merchant’s payment account retail).
Trans Curr/Amt Transaction currency and amount of the item in question.
Acc. Amt. The gross amount posted to the account, in the account currency (the transaction amount is converted to the account currency if necessary).
Acc. Charges Applicable charges for the item, expressed in the account currency.
Acc. Amt. Net The net amount in the account currency, after taking into account any charges.
Card Type The type of credit card used in the transaction. This is only available for: Merchant Purchase Deposits; Merchant Debits; Chargebacks.
Batch No. The batch number used to submit the transaction. This is only available for: Merchant Purchase Deposits; Merchant Debits. The batch number is displayed as a hyperlink. Clicking the hyperlink brings you to either the “Processed Batches” page or the “Processed Transactions” page.
ARN Acquirer Reference Number. This is only available for Chargebacks.
Addendum ARN ARN created by transferring a transaction or by Misc Batch Input.
Fee Sequence Code Fee Sequence Code for a transaction.
Fee Sequence Description Fee Sequence Description per Fee Sequence Code.


Statement selection page

The Statement Selection page allows you to view Merchant statements. The Statement Selection page displays a range of dates, from which you select the period. Clicking the hyperlink brings you to the Statement Detail page statement. Clicking the hyperlink brings you to the Statement Detail page. The Statement is generated automatically at the end of each calendar month.



Account statement detail page

The Statement Detail page shows the merchant statement for the selected date range.



Account statement view page

The Account Statement View page displays the content of a statement. You can choose a particular statement to view from the drop-down list. The statement is issued automatically at the end of every calendar month and is also available for download.



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