What are the different date types in TRU Connect and how are they used?

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There are three date types in use in TRU Connect. You may encounter dates in these three formats when, for example, managing your transactions in MyST, or returned in responses from our API.

  Before continuing, you may find it helpful to refresh yourself on what settlement is and how the settlement process works. Click here to view further info in a new tab.


  Authorisation date

This is the date and time the transaction was sent to the acquiring and issuing banks for authorisation.

  The existence of an authorisation date does NOT mean that a transaction was authorised; rather, it merely means that authorisation was attempted. To confirm successful authorisation for an AUTH or REFUND, check the error code returned is 0, indicating success.

  The authorisation date is NOT the date and time funds are to be moved to your bank account. Rather, it represents the date and time the transaction process was initiated.

  Settlement date

This is the date and time that Trust Payments sent the request to the issuing bank to initiate the process of moving funds into your bank account. (Following this, the settle status is updated to 100, indicating "Settled"). Typically this happens during the night, when banks will transfer the funds of all pending transactions into your bank account in a single batch.

  In a small minority of scenarios, the issuing bank may have an issue at their end that causes a short delay in the funds being transferred. Because of this, it is important to understand that the settlement date only reflects the date and time the request for settlement was sent, and this in itself is no guarantee the funds have yet been moved.

  Completion date

This field is only relevant for those using our TRU POS terminals to process transactions. This refers when a pre-auth with no funds currently scheduled for settlement is updated to allow settlement, by performing a completion request.

  The completion date is NOT the date and time funds are to be moved to your bank account. Following completion, settlement is scheduled automatically.

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