How do I complete a POS transaction?

The following instructions explain how to complete a POS transaction:

Ingenico Move and Desk terminals, Castles VEGA terminals
  1. Tap Quick Pay icon   onscreen
  2. Enter amount, press  
  3. Enter gratuity amount (if configured), press  
    • To Abort transaction press red cancel button cancel-button.png
  4. Insert card (enter pin when requested); Tap or Swipe
  5. The merchant receipt prints, press OK; the cardholder receipt prints
Ingenico Link 2500

You can process a standard transaction from the mPOS smartphone app by tapping the “Amount” button on the app home screen and then typing in the value.

Alternatively, if you have products stored in the catalog, press "Catalog" and select the products you would like to add to the basket and confirm.

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