Why can't I refund this transaction?

There are a number of reasons a transaction cannot be refunded:

  • Is the transaction settled? – Only settled transactions can be refunded. Settled transactions are shown in MyST as green with the label “Settled”, and can be identified with settlestatus. If a transaction is pending settlement (settlestatus 0 or 1), you would instead need to cancel the payment by updating the settlestatus to 3, either by using MyST or by submitting a TRANSACTIONUPDATE request through our API. Cancelling a transaction will prevent the funds from being settled, and will request the funds reserved on the customer’s account are reversed.
  • The payment method – While in the vast majority of situations, both full and partial refunds are supported for customers using credit or debit cards for payment, this is sometimes not the case Alternative Payment Methods (APM). To check if refunds are supported for the customer’s chosen payment method, please refer to the relevant documentation (Payment PagesAPI).
  • Settle status 10 – If a transaction is in settlestatus 10, this means that the funds are currently in the process of being settled into your account. You will need to wait for this process to be completed (after which the settlestatus would be 100) before you can submit a refund request.
  • The request type – Only AUTH requests can be submitted for refund.
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