Payment pages redirect

This action is used to redirect the customer’s browser from the Payment Pages following a transaction, when the associated condition(s) has been met. The customer’s browser bypasses Trust Payments’s default response page and is redirected to the URL specified in the action.

e.g. For successful transactions, redirect the customer’s browser to your website.

Please note: We do not support localhost, loopback or multicast IP ranges in the URL.

  Redirect actions are always performed after all other action types. If multiple redirect rules are present, the first rule which meets the criteria will be used (e.g. UDR-1000 is run before UDR-1001).


Fields to include

When creating the action, use the “Fields” tab to specify fields to be included in the redirect.


Start to type the name of the fields you would like to include to filter down the list displayed, and tick the fields to add them to the action.


You should include the errorcodesettlestatus and transactionreference fields as a minimum, as these are used to indicate whether or not the transaction was successful.  You can also include custom fields, by typing the name and ticking it from the list.

Format of custom fields

  • Any lowercase or uppercase letters
  • Numbers 1-9
  • Punctuation: _ \ . –
  • Must start with a letter (A-Z, a-z)
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