Creating conditions

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To create a condition, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the relevant action type from the drop-down box and click “Go”.

      When configuring rules using our MyST Rule Manager, there are a number of different types of Actions that can be performed when pre-defined Conditions are met. e.g. we can update your system with the latest transaction information. Click here to learn more.


  2. Click “Add new condition”.


  3. Assign the condition an appropriate and unique name, by typing this into the “Condition name” text field (e.g. successful Visa AUTH).


    Now choose the filters that you would like to be used in order to specify when the action occurs. Each filter displayed represents a different property that can be associated with a transaction. Ticking a checkbox selects the specific value.

    When the drop-down box by a filter is set to “in” (default), the action will be performed when the request matches any of the fields ticked within this filter. When set to “not in”, the action will be performed when the request does not match the fields ticked in the box beneath it.


    e.g. If “Payment types” “in” “American Express”, “Mastercard” and “Visa”
    The action will only be performed when the customer uses any of the aforementioned payment types.

  4. When you have selected all the filters required, click “Save”.

      When creating a condition, ensure that you specify at least one Request type and Error code. Failure to do so may cause unexpected issues.

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