Rule identifiers

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There are two types of rule identifiers supported:

Trust Payments Rules (STR)

Rules with a rule ID of “STR-x” (where x is a number) are Trust Payments Rules. e.g. STR-1

These are pre-defined rules that are available to all merchants and are displayed within the Rule manager interface. They can be activated and deactivated at any time on any of your sites. Trust Payments Rules cannot be modified or deleted.

User-Defined Rules (UDR)

Rules with a rule ID of “UDR-x” (where x is a number) are User-Defined Rules. e.g. UDR-23

These are rules created by MyST users using the Rule manager interface. These can be modified by the users that created them and deleted when no longer needed.

  Trust Payments Rules always take priority over User-Defined Rules.

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