Payment pages customer email

This action is used to send an email to the customer’s billing email address following a Payment Pages transaction, when the associated condition(s) has been met (e.g. for successful transactions).

Customer email notifications are sent from Trust Payments’s systems when pre-specified criteria are met. These are designed to be sent to your customers, and can act as a receipt or confirmation following a transaction.

When enabled, please inform your customer to expect an email notification when they make a purchase.

Within the action, you can specify the “from” and “reply to” addresses and also the subject.

Screenshot of customer email (Click to enlarge)


Included fields

The following fields are included as default within email notifications:

  If these fields are not populated during the payment session, they will be omitted from the email notification.

  • Auth Code
  • Billing Country
  • Billing County
  • Billing Email
  • Billing First Name
  • Billing Last Name
  • Billing Postcode
  • Billing Premise
  • Billing Street
  • Billing Town
  • Currency
  • Main Amount
  • Merchant Name
  • Order Reference
  • Request Type
  • Transaction Reference
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