How do I cancel a POS transaction?

The following instructions explain how to cancel a POS transaction:

Ingenico Move and Desk terminals, Castles VEGA terminals
  1. Tap Quick Menu icon grid-icon.png onscreen and select RevLstTn option
  2. Enter Managers PasswordTap  
  3. Enter Ticket numberTap  
  4. Enter AmountTap  
  5. The Merchant receipt prints, press OK; the Cardholder receipt prints
Ingenico Link 2500
  1. Using the mPOS smartphone app, select the   icon in the upper left corner of the app home screen.

  2. Select “Reverse last transaction”.


  3. Confirm the transaction displayed on-screen is correct by selecting “Confirm”.


  4. The cancelation will be processed and the terminal will show the message “Cancelled” to confirm. You can then opt to have a receipt sent if needed.
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