How do I perform a linked refund?

Linked refunds allow the merchant to refund an amount in full or partial by linking the refund transaction to an original sale transaction without the customer having to physically insert their card into the terminal.

Follow the appropriate instructions below for your terminal:

Castles VEGA and Ingenico devices


  • The merchant must have the following information to process a refund. You can find all the information on the original receipt:
    • The terminal ID
    • The receipt number
    • The original transaction value
  • If refund amount entered is greater than the original transaction value or if the Terminal ID or receipt number are entered incorrectly then the refund will be declined.



  1. Tap the Menu icon   on the home screen.
  2. Select Linked refund.
  3. Enter the amount to be refunded and press the   or the green button on the keypad to continue. The amount should be equal to or less than original transaction value.

  4. You will now be prompted for the Terminal ID (TID). Enter value of the TID used to process the original sale (this can be found on the receipt) and select the   or the green button on the keypad to proceed. If the TID displayed on the screen does not match the TID on the receipt, use the yellow button on the keypad to clear, then use the numeric keys to enter the value displayed on the receipt.

  5. You will now be prompted for the Ticket number, which can also be found on the receipt of the original purchase (this is shown next to "Receipt:", as shown on the image above). Enter this value using the keypad and press the   or the green button on the keypad to continue.

      You must include all digits from the receipt, including any preceding zeroes, e.g. If receipt is "000207", the full value must be entered, including the zeroes, otherwise the refund will be declined.

  6. If approved by the banks, the refund is then completed. The terminal displays ‘Authorization’ > ‘Approved’ and prints a new receipt for your records.

  Linked refunds are not currently shown in MyST. To view linked refunds processed on your account, you must sign in to the RAM Tool.

Castles Saturn 1000


Coming soon

This functionality isn't available for your device just yet.
If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

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