How do I perform a POS refund?

This article explains how to perform a POS refund.

Follow the appropriate instructions below for your terminal:

Castles VEGA and Ingenico devices
  1. Tap Quick Menu icon grid-icon.png onscreen and select Refund option
  2. Enter Managers password, press  
  3. Enter amount, press  
    • To Abort transaction press red cancel button cancel-button.png
  4. Insert card (enter pin when requested); Tap or Swipe
  5. The Merchant receipt prints, press OK; the Cardholder receipt prints
Castles Saturn 1000
  1. Tap Refund on main screen
  2. Enter Manager Passcode, tap  
  3. Enter amount, tap  
    • To clear the amount, tap  . You can then enter a new amount.
  4. When prompted, ask customer to tap, insert or swipe their card. The customer can also present their mobile device.
    • To Abort transaction, tap  
  5. Refund transaction completes and a receipt is printed (your copy)
    • If required, ask the customer to sign the receipt and return it to you
  6. To print a copy of this receipt for the customer, tap Yes, otherwise tap No
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