How do I perform a sale when the customer is not present?

This article explains how to complete a POS transaction when the customer is not present.

Follow the appropriate instructions below for your terminal:

Castles VEGA and Ingenico devices
  1. Tap Quick Pay icon   onscreen
  2. Enter amount, press  
  3. Enter gratuity value (if configured), press  
    • To Abort transaction press red cancel button cancel-button.png
  4. Press yellow Correction button correction-button.png
  5. Select Manual Entry
  6. Enter Card Number, press  
  7. Enter Expiry Date, press  
  8. Enter Security Code, press  
  9. The Merchant receipt prints, press OK; the Cardholder receipt prints
Castles Saturn 1000
  1. Tap Sale on main screen
  2. Enter amount, tap  
    • To clear the amount, tap  . You can then enter a new amount.
  3. Tap at the bottom right of the screen
  4. Enter Card Number, tap  
  5. Enter Expiry Date (in MMYY format), tap  
  6. Enter Security Code, tap  
  7. Enter House Number from the billing address, tap  
  8. Enter Numbers from the billing postcode, tap  
  9. An "Approved" or "Declined" message is displayed and a receipt is printed (your copy)
  10. To print a copy of this receipt for the customer, tap Yes, otherwise tap No
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