What are Mastercard MoneySend Payments?



Mastercard MoneySend Payments enable fast and secure domestic and cross-border transfers to your Mastercard customers using their card details. Unlike other transfer methods, where it can take up to 24 hours for the funds to be transferred to the customer, MoneySend typically makes funds available to cardholders within 30 minutes.

  The speed of transfer depends on your acquiring bank, the type of bank account you have, the region and whether the transaction is domestic or cross-border.

  MoneySend Payments are not permitted for competitions that are considered to be gambling or gaming activity. This includes the purchase/trading of in-game items and currencies. Transfers of this nature should instead follow the Mastercard Gaming and Gambling Payments Program Standards.


To process a MoneySend Payment, you will need to submit a Payout request to the TRU Connect gateway using Webservices API:

If you are already processing Payout requests, you will need to make some configuration changes to your existing setup.

  We recommend that you first complete these changes on your test site reference, and ensure that you can successfully process test Payouts, so you are ready for when your production site reference is enabled for Moneysend Payments.

Please click the button below to read our Full Payout specification. The linked content has been updated to reflect the requirements that apply to all card schemes, including those for Mastercard MoneySend Payments.

  Full Payout specification

Contact our Support Team to enable Mastercard MoneySend Payments on your Trust Payments account. We will check your acquiring bank supports MoneySend Payments and turn the feature on.

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