DIS Reset Process

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In order to reset a terminal and prepare a new TID to be downloaded, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the   icon to open the Quick Menu and then tap "Admin".

  2. You will be prompted for the current manager password.
  3. From the next menu, select "Terminal" and enter the password we provide you.

  4. Using the on-screen arrows, scroll down the page and select the option "Reset DIS settings".

  5. You will be prompted "Are you Sure?". Press the Green button to confirm and proceed.


    You will be prompted "delete the GUI?". You must press the Red button.

    Failure to decline this prompt will render the device inoperable.

  7. The terminal will then restart and delete the existing Merchant account MID and TID.

  8. After the terminal restarts, reconnect to the Wi-Fi or GPRS if prompted to do so.

  9. You will then be asked to enter the configuration password. This will either be "2222", "9999" or "999999".

  10. You will be presented with the date and time. Check this is still correct and confirm by pressing the Green button. You will now be presented with the configuration wizard.

  11. Next, select the menu option "TerminalID".

  12. Use the Yellow button on the keypad to clear the TID "FFFFFFFFF".

  13. Once the field is blank, enter the new TID using the alphanumeric keypad. Press the Green button to continue and then confirm the changes when prompted.

      All TIDs have the prefix "STT00" followed by 5 unique digits e.g. "STT0012345".
  14. Once confirmed you will be returned to the wizard.

  15. Next, select the option "Software update".

  16. Check that the MID/TID and business name displayed are correct and up to date.

  17. Then press the Green Button to download the necessary terminal personalisation.

  18. Once the download has been completed, the terminal will complete a handshake and print a receipt. Please ensure the new TID you entered earlier is shown on this receipt.

  19. Finally, you will need to change the manager password from the default. Click here to learn how.


Upon completion of the DIS Reset Process described above, please email our Support Team at support@trustpayments.com with the following details:

Subject: Confirmation details of POS Hardware reallocation <insert date>

For each terminal that has been reassigned to a new merchant, please provide the details below:

  • Details for the old merchant:
    • Old Merchant Name
    • Old TID
    • Old MID
    • Terminal Model
    • Terminal Serial Number
    • SIM card present (Yes/No)
  • Details for the new merchant:
    • New Merchant Name
    • New TID
    • New MID
    • Terminal Model
    • Terminal Serial Number
    • SIM card present (Yes/No)
    • Manager PIN Assigned



  Once the steps above have been completed, you are ready to resume transacting.

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