Changing the manager password

The following instructions explain how to change the manager password:

Ingenico Move and Desk terminals, Castles VEGA terminals
  1. Tap Menu icon   onscreen, scroll down and select the User Settings option
  2. Scroll down and select Manager Password
  3. Select Change Password
  4. Enter Current Manager Password, press  
  5. Enter New Manager Password, press  
  6. Re-enter New Manager Password, press  
Ingenico Link 2500

By default, no manager password is designated to the device.

  In the interest of security, we recommend that you setup a password using the mPOS app. This password protects sensitive operations on the mPOS app by prompting for a PIN before certain actions, e.g. refunds, reversals.

In order to set a manager password, please follow the steps below:

  1. Using the mPOS app on your smartphone, tap the   icon in the upper left corner of the app home screen.

  2. Tap “Settings”.


  3. Tap “Security”.


  4. Tap on the slider for "Sensitive operations protection" and


  5. Using the keypad provided, enter your desired PIN and re-enter to confirm.


  6. Re-enter the PIN to confirm and, if successful, the slider will toggle to the on position. From now on, you will be prompted for this PIN to access sensitive operations.

  You can also follow the steps above to disable the manager password, if needed. Tap the "Sensitive operations protection" slider and you will be prompted to enter the current PIN. If successful, the slider will toggle to the off position and you will no longer be prompted for the PIN to access sensitive operations.

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