Complete AUTHORIZE_ONLY transaction with SAP Commerce Cloud extension

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

  Your assigned user role must be "Customer Support" and not "Backoffice Administrator Role".

If the Payment Action in the Backoffice settings is set to “AUTHORIZE_ONLY”, you must manually update the order to complete the transaction. Please follow the steps below:

  You must ensure pending authorisations are settled (captured) within 7 days of authorisation. This is the maximum time allotted by the card issuer to complete the payment.

  1. In Backoffice, navigate to Orders using the navigation on the left, and identify the order that you wish to complete. The current Status should show as “Payment Reserved”.


  2. Click the order to view further options. Click the “Settle Payment” link as shown below:


  3. If successful, the status of the order shown in the SAP environment will change to “PAYMENT_CAPTURING” and “COMPLETED” shortly afterwards. In the Trust Payments environment, the settle status will be updated to “0 - Pending”, which flags the transaction for settlement on the Trust Payments gateway, TRU Connect.

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