Refunds with SAP Commerce Cloud extension

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

  Your assigned user role must be "Customer Support" and not "Backoffice Administrator Role".

To process a refund using Backoffice, follow the steps below:


  Full refund   Partial refund
  1. In Backoffice, navigate to Orders using the navigation on the left, and identify the order that you wish to refund.

  2. Click the “ORDER DETAILS” tab and then the “Full Refund” button. Follow the instructions displayed on screen to process the refund.


  3. Once a refund has been initiated from Backoffice, a success message will be displayed. The “Total Refunded” amount for the order is also updated to reflect the refund processed.

  Behind the scenes

When you process a refund, the extension checks the status of the transaction being refunded and automatically performs the appropriate action:

  • If the transaction is still pending settlement, a CANCEL request is processed in the SAP environment and the Order Status is updated to "CANCELLED". Meanwhile, in the Trust Payments environment, the settle status is updated to "3 - Cancelled". This sends an instruction to release the funds reserved on the customer's bank account (AKA a reversal).
  • If the transaction has already settled, a REFUND_STANDALONE request is processed in the SAP environment. This in turn triggers the processing of a REFUND request in the Trust Payments environment. You can typically expect the refund to be settled overnight but you can always check the settle status of the REFUND using MyST.
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