Processing ECOM transactions with SAP Commerce Cloud extension

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

Testing your checkout

We strongly recommend that you test your solution before processing live transactions. See below for an example transaction flow:

  Before testing, go to the extension's settings and ensure the Site Reference field contains your test site reference (prefixed with "test_", e.g. "test_site12345") and that the Test Environment setting is set to "True".


  1. Add a product to your cart and click “CHECK OUT”.


  2. Begin by filling out the forms displayed to you (or use your address book) and click “NEXT”.


  3. Select your preferred shipping method and click “NEXT”.


  4. If the module has been configured correctly, the three frames "1. Shipment/Pick Up Location/Billing address", "2. Shipping Method" and "3. Payment" will be shown, with "3. Payment" expanded and active.

      Clicking on the collapsed frames will load the previous forms. This allows the customer to change their address and shipping preferences if needed.


    To process a card transaction, fill in the fields displayed and click "PAY". This will process a test transaction using the Trust Payments gateway, TRU Connect, and you will then be redirected to a confirmation page:


    If a card transaction has been declined by the issuing bank, a red "Decline" banner will be shown and the browser will remain on the checkout page, allowing your customer to retry with a different payment method.


    If an error has occurred, an entry will be added to “Trust Payment Errors”, which can be found under the “PAYMENT AND DELIVERY” tab when viewing the order in Backoffice.


    Double-click "Trust Payment Errors" to view information regarding the error.


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