Tokenization with SAP Commerce Cloud extension

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

  Your assigned user role must be "Backoffice Administrator Role".

Tokenization allows returning customers to process payments through your store without needing to re-enter their card details.

To enable tokenization on your site, change the Number Of Credit Cards To Save value in the Backoffice settings to be higher than 0. Once this change has been applied, the customer can save their card while on the checkout by ticking the “SAVE PAYMENT INFO” checkbox, as shown below:

  If the Number Of Credit Cards To Save value is 0, the “SAVE PAYMENT INFO” checkbox will not be shown.


Trust Payments securely stores the card details securely on their system for returning customers.

Customers who ticked the "SAVE PAYMENT INFO" checkbox will be displayed their previously stored card details as a payment option on the checkout when processing a new order.

The customer can click the "USE THESE PAYMENT DETAILS" button to select their stored card for payment, as shown below. Following this, they simply enter their card's security code and click "PAY" to process the transaction.


Customers can also view their previously-stored cards on their account's “PAYMENT DETAILS” page:


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