Creating an invoice with Magento

If the payment action is set to “Authorize Only”, you must create the invoice manually. When creating the invoice, a request will be sent to Trust Payments to change the settle status from “2” to “0”. Please follow the steps below:

  1. On the Order detail page, click the "Invoice" button.

  2. A new invoice page will be loaded. Review the information displayed, and make changes if necessary. After that, scroll down to the bottom, select “Capture Online” and click “Submit Invoice”.

  3. Performing this action will allow funds to be captured by the acquiring bank (usually occurs within 24 hours). Once an invoice has been generated for an order, it is not possible to cancel it. Instead, you will need to process a “Credit Memo” (refund).

  If you don't choose "Capture Online", the request will not be sent, and the funds will not be captured.

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