What is Apple Pay?

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Apple Pay is a wallet-based mobile payment service by Apple Inc. that lets users process payments using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Customers benefit from a familiar and streamlined checkout experience, where their billing information can be pre-filled, ready for purchase. Customers are authenticated quickly by placing their finger on the built-in reader or through facial-recognition. Apple Pay uses tokens to ensure no sensitive payment information is stored with Apple, on the customer’s device or on your own servers.


How it works

  • If supported by the customer’s device, Apple Pay will be displayed as an option to complete the payment.
  • The customer taps the Apple Pay button:
    • If the customer has previously set up Apple Pay, the payment sheet will slide into view, displaying the order details.
    • Otherwise, they will be prompted to set up their Apple Pay account prior to continuing with the payment process.
  • The customer can review the order and update their address and payment details, if needed.
  • The customer places their finger on the built-in reader or enables facial-recognition on their device in order to verify their identity and confirm the payment.
  • If successful, on-screen confirmation will be displayed and the customer will be redirected to our hosted response page.



  • Supported currencies: Dependent on your acquiring bank.
  • You can process Account checks with Apple Pay transactions, providing your acquiring bank supports this functionality. Contact our Support Team to enable account checks on your account. Account checks will be processed automatically prior to every payment, with no changes required to your checkout.
  • AVS (Address Verification Service) checks will be processed if supported by your bank, but security code checks are not possible with Apple Pay. This is because the security code cannot be stored on the customer’s phone or with Apple, and therefore cannot be sent on to the bank during the authorisation process for checks to be performed. As such, the response for the security code checks will always be “0”, indicating the security code was not sent.

    The security code setting on your security policy is not applicable for Apple Pay transactions, and therefore, they cannot be suspended based on the security code. However, AVS checks are still performed, and transactions can still be suspended due to your security policy configuration.

  • Protect Plus is supported, but checks cannot be run over the card details, as these are not made available to Trust Payments for Apple Pay transactions.
  • Payments may be subject to chargebacks, depending on your acquiring bank.



  Apple Pay can enabled on the following TRU Connect products by following the appropriate link below:

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