How do AVS and security code checks work with Apple Pay?

The Address Verification System and security code checks provide you with a further level of security to a transaction, allowing additional checks regarding the validity of the address and security code information supplied by the customer. Click here to learn more.


Address Verification System (AVS)

  AVS checks are supported for Apple Pay transactions


Security code checks

  Security code checks are not supported for Apple Pay transactions.

This is because the security code cannot be stored on the customer’s phone or with Apple, and therefore cannot be sent on to the bank for checks to be performed. As such, the response for the security code checks will always be “0”, indicating the security code was not sent.

Important: The security code setting on your security policy is not applicable for Apple Pay transactions, and therefore, they cannot be suspended based on the security code. However, AVS checks are still performed, and transactions can still be suspended due to your configuration.

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