How do I generate a Pre-Auth when the customer is not present?

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Pre-auths allow you to reserve funds in advance of a future transaction. During this time, while no funds have actually left the customer's bank account, these reserved funds are unavailable to the customer for other purchases. At a later time, you can then either complete the purchase or cancel to release the funds back to the customer.

This has useful applications for many types of businesses. Common examples would be for customers booking a hotel reservation, which ensures the customer has the funds to pay for their stay without actually charging them until checkout. Other examples would be businesses renting out cars or other valuable equipment, to provide peace of mind against potential damage, loss or theft of said products.

  The instructions below are for performing a pre-auth when the customer is not present and you, therefore, do not have access to the customer's card. For instructions explaining how to perform a pre-auth when the customer is present, click here.

Castles VEGA and Ingenico devices
  1. Tap Menu icon   onscreen and select the Pre-Authorization option
  2. Enter amount, press  
  3. Press yellow Correction button correction-button.png
    • To Abort transaction press red cancel button cancel-button.png
  4. Select Manual Entry
  5. Enter Card Number, press  
  6. Enter Expiry Date, press  
  7. Enter Security Code, press  
  8. The Merchant receipt prints, press OK; the Cardholder receipt prints

  You have up to 30 days to complete the transaction before the reserved funds are automatically released back to the customer.

Castles Saturn 1000


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