How do I adjust an existing Pre-Auth?


  Pre-auths allow you to reserve funds in advance of a future transaction. During this time, while no funds have actually left the customer's bank account, these reserved funds are unavailable to the customer for other purchases.

The instructions below are for adjusting the amount of a pre-auth that has already been processed.

Castles VEGA and Ingenico devices
  1. Tap Menu icon   on screen
  2. Select Adjustment, Enter new total amount, press  
  3. Enter Auth code from original Pre-auth receipt, press  
  4. Enter Sequence number from original Pre-auth receipt, press  
  5. The Pre-Auth is re-issued and the terminal prints a receipt
  6. Once complete please dispose of original pre-auth receipt (as it is no longer needed)
Castles Saturn 1000


Coming soon

This functionality isn't available for your device just yet.
If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

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