Charging your device

The following instructions explain how to charge your device:

The VEGA 3000M/M2 contains a main lithium-polymer battery and can be operated without being permanently connected to power. If the battery level is low, it must be connected to power and recharged:

  • For the 3000M device, connect the enclosed power cable to the left side of the device.
  • For the 3000M2 device, connect the enclosed USB cable to the left side of the device.



Using Charging Cradle/Base

To simplify the charging process, you can charge the terminal by placing it in the charging cradle. Simply insert the included power cable into the base of the cradle and it will be ready to charge your device.

P40-EN.png   P41-EN.png


Power On

The terminal is switched on by long (>3 sec) pressing of the “Power” button located on the bottom left of the keyboard. The terminal start-up takes approximately 1 minute. The terminal is switched off by pressing the power button and selecting “Shutdown”.

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