Active Subscriptions search

  This feature is available to merchants using our TRU Connect gateway.

The "Active Subscriptions" stored search returns all active or completed subscriptions where the next payment is due to be processed within the date range selected. Only subscriptions processed with the site reference selected are shown. Click here to learn more about the Subscription Engine.

  Note that by default, this search only returns subscriptions with Transaction Active = 1 (Active).

  Required user roles

Admin, Developer, TransactionUser, ViewFeesAndStatements, ViewTransactionsOnly

  How to access

  1. portal-selectsite-2.pngSelect “Transactions” from the side-bar to open the Transactions page.

  2. In the top left, select "Site Reference" and then select a site reference from the drop-down box.

  3. From "Stored Searches", select "Active Subscriptions".

  4. Fill out the rest of the form as necessary. Click here to learn more.

  5. Click "Search".

  A maximum of 1,000 records can be returned in a search. You can perform larger searches by using the options provided to perform an "Export" rather than an "On screen" search. This will export a file for download.



In the search results returned, each table entry represents a unique subscription. By default, each subscription is displayed with the following columns of information:

  To change the columns returned in the search results, click "Advanced" and customise the "Fields" selected from the options presented. Click here to learn more.


Column name Description

Uniquely identifies the subscription on the TRU Connect gateway.

  Click the reference to open the details view. This allows you to view more details on the given subscription.


A summary of the subscription status:

  • Active - Next payment will be processed on the date specified in the Timestamp field.
  • Completed - Subscription will NOT process further payments (unless manually updated).
Account The type of account used to process the subscription. In this view, only "RECUR" will be shown here.
Request The type of request processed by the gateway. In this view, only "SUBSCRIPTION" will be shown here.
Payment type The payment method used to process the subscription.
Billing name The customer's billing name.
Timestamp The date that the next payment in the subscription sequence will be processed by the Subscription Engine.
Currency The currency associated with the subscription (in ISO3A format).
Authorised amount The amount to be authorised for the next subscription payment.
Settle amount N/A
Settle status N/A
Error code Displays the outcome of a submitted subscription request. This value should always be "0" to indicate no errors occurred.
Card number The card number found on the front of the customer's card (masked).
Order reference The reference assigned by your organisation to help track the subscription.
Subscription begin date (UTC) The date that the first automated payment was processed.
Subscription frequency The frequency of future payments to be processed in the subscription sequence.
Subscription number The number associated with the next payment in the subscription sequence (e.g. if the next payment is the 4th payment processed so far, the Subscription number would be "4").
Subscription type

This field indicates the type of subscription to be processed:

  • RECURRING - Customer is performing a recurring payment for a new product/service each time.
  • INSTALLMENT - Customer is purchasing a single product, with payment being collected over several installments.
Active This indicator shows whether or not future payments can be processed in the subscription sequence. In this view, only "1" will be shown here, meaning "Active".
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