SoftPOS security

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How SoftPOS protects your transactions



When a transaction is performed, a unique but random value is used in place of the card number when transmitting the transaction info over the internet. This means that even if a payment request is intercepted by an unauthorised party, no sensitive card details would be exposed.



Further to this, all communications are protected by strong encryption. The encryption keys are changed after every transaction, meaning that in the very unlikely event an unauthorised party were to gain access to a key, it would be useless to them as it would have already expired.


Steps you should take to stay safe

  • We recommend setting your device to automatically lock if inactive for a few minutes. You must set a password/PIN/authentication on the device to prevent an unauthorised user from unlocking and using the handset.
  • Ensure you regularly check for updates to the app. We recommend enabling automatic app updates if your device supports it.
  • We recommend cleaning the device screen regularly for hygiene reasons and to prevent the build-up of dust or dirt that may impede normal operation.
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