Configuring tips

To configure tips functionality in the app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the   icon in the top left and from the menu select "Settings".

  2. From the Settings screen, tap “Tips”.


  3. From here you can:

    • tap the "Activating the service" toggle to enable/disable tips functionality during transactions.
    • tap "Value unit" to change the tip options to be displayed as a percentage or monetary value (e.g. 10% tip vs. £10 tip).
    • tap "Tips options" to configure the three default tip values shown to the customer during transactions.


      Although you can only configure three default tip values to be shown to the customer during transactions, customers will always be presented with an option to manually enter a custom tip amount if preferred.

  How does the customer add a tip during a sale?

Once tips have been enabled, the customer will be prompted to select from the pre-defined list of tip amounts before they complete the purchase (or they can tap "Other amount" to enter a custom tip value). Alternatively, they can tap "I pass" to pay without a tip.


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