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Checkout page

To streamline the checkout process for your customers, this plugin supports the ability for the customer to store their payment card credentials for future purchases. Returning customers who registered an account on your site can choose to complete the payment with a card they used for a previous purchase, without the need to re-enter.

When the customer is ready to purchase the product(s) in their cart, they are presented with the Trust Payments option on the checkout:



After the customer clicks the “Place order” button, they will be shown the below (if iframe is enabled):


  If the iframe is disabled, a full redirect to the Trust Payments Payment Pages is performed instead.


Manage Saved Cards

Customers can view their saved cards in My Account > Payment Methods:



WooCommerce Order Status

You can review the status of all orders on the "Orders" page in the WooCommerce interface. To do so, navigate to WooCommerce > Orders. The status shown for any given order can be one of the following:

Order status Description
Pending payment Order has been received but no payment initiated. Awaiting payment.
Failed Payment failed, e.g. due to being declined or requires EMV 3DS authentication.
Processing Payment received and stock has been reduced (if applicable). Order is awaiting fulfilment.
Completed Order fulfilled and complete. No further action required.
On hold Awaiting payment. Stock is reduced, but you need to confirm payment.
Cancelled Cancelled by an admin or the customer. Stock is increased. No further action required.
Refunded Refunded by an admin. No further action required.
Authentication required Awaiting action by the customer to complete EMV 3DS authentication.


  You can cancel pending transactions to prevent settlement by updating the Order Status to "Cancelled" in the WooCommerce interface. You can also refund settled transactions by selecting an order and then clicking "Refund".

To learn more about Order Status, refer to    WooCommerce's documentation (link to external site).


Manage Transactions

You can track the status of transactions by clicking "ST Transactions" in the menu:



Making a payment via the admin interface (MOTO)

You can manually create a new order on behalf of customers who purchase an item by email/telephone using the WooCommerce admin interface. Add a new order, then in the Billing details section, select “Credit Card (Trust Payments)" as the payment method (this will change depending on the title you chose for the module). The payment form will be displayed for you to fill in the customer’s card information.



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