Notifications for WooCommerce

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

URL notifications ensure the WooCommerce plugin is updated when transactions have been processed on your Trust Payments account. Follow the steps provided below to enable URL notifications:

  1. Contact our Support Team and request that URL notifications are configured for your WooCommerce plugin.

    You will need to provide your unique Trust Payments site reference, URL of your WooCommerce store and the following info regarding the Condition and Action:


    • Error codes in 0
    • Interface is not PAYMENTS
    • Requests in ACCOUNTCHECK, AUTH
    • Accounts in ECOM, MOTO


    • Use site security details: YES
    • Method: POST
    • Website address (URL): https://<yourdomain>/wp-json/st/v2/response
      e.g. ""
    • Fields: authcode, enrolled, errorcode, expirydate, issuer, issuercountryiso2a, maskedpan, orderreference, paymenttypedescription, requestreference, securityresponseaddress, securityresponsepostcode, settlestatus, sitereference, transactionreference
    • Pipe notification to browser: NO
    • Process notification: offline

    As part of this process, you will agree on a Url Notification Password with Trust Payments and they will enable the notification from their side.

  2. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings, click the Payments tab, then click either Trust Payments - Credit/Debit cards (via hosted checkout) or Trust Payments - Credit/Debit cards (via API) depending on your chosen integration method.

  3. Check the Enable Url Notification checkbox to enable the notification from your side. Then enter the agreed Url Notification Password in the text box provided.


  4. Once done, click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page.


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