Processing transactions with WooCommerce

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How customers process payments

When the customer is ready to purchase the product(s) in their cart, they enter their billing/shipping address and complete the payment using the options presented in the bottom right:

  • If you have enabled the API method, customers are prompted to enter their card details into the textboxes presented and click "Place order" to complete the transaction.
  • If you have enabled the hosted checkout method, customers click "Place order" and are redirected to a page hosted by Trust Payments to enter their card details and complete the transaction.
  • If card tokenization has been enabled on your store, the customer will be presented with the option to complete the payment with any cards they have previously stored. They can also optionally check "Save payment information to my account for future purchases".
  • If Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal have been enabled, individual buttons for these payment methods will be displayed in the bottom right. The customer clicks these options and follows the instructions displayed to complete the transaction.



Processing payments via the admin interface

You can manually create a new order on behalf of customers who purchase an item by email or telephone using the WooCommerce admin interface. To create an order, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Orders to open the "Orders" page.

  2. On the "Orders" page, click "Add order".

  3. Add items to the order by clicking "Add item(s)" then "Add product(s)" and searching for the product name.

  4. When you have finished adding products to the order, click the   icon next to the "Billing" header and enter the customer's billing address. If you are delivering the products, perform the same steps to enter the customer's shipping address.


  5. When you are ready to create the order, click "Create" on the right panel, select a Trust Payments payment method from the options presented and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the checkout.

  6. If successful, the order Status will update from "Pending Payment" to "Processing" and payment details will also be displayed. (This may take a few seconds to update in order to facilitate the sending of notifications. If you don't see the change immediately, please check the order again in a few seconds)


Managing Trust Payments transactions

You can track the status of transactions by clicking "ST Transactions" in the menu:



Managing WooCommerce orders

You can review the status of all orders on the "Orders" page in the WooCommerce interface. To do so, navigate to WooCommerce > Orders. The status shown for any given order can be one of the following:

Order status Description
Pending payment Order has been received but no payment initiated. Awaiting payment.
Failed Payment failed, e.g. due to being declined or requires EMV 3DS authentication.
Processing Payment received and stock has been reduced (if applicable). Order is awaiting fulfilment.
Completed Order fulfilled and complete. No further action required.
On hold Awaiting payment. Stock is reduced, but you need to confirm payment.
Cancelled Cancelled by an admin or the customer. Stock is increased. No further action required.
Refunded Refunded by an admin. No further action required.
Authentication required Awaiting action by the customer to complete EMV 3DS authentication.


To learn more about Order Status, refer to    WooCommerce's documentation (link to external site).


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