Adding users

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

You can add child user accounts to help manage your account. Each user can be assigned a distinct role, which only permits them to access features they need.

  Required user roles


  How to access

Select “Settings" and then Users” from the left navigation bar. Then click the   icon above the table.


Fill in the fields displayed to add a new user:


  All fields flagged with an asterisk symbol are required.

Name of field Description
First Name The new user's first name.
Last Name The new user's last name.
Username The new user’s unique identifier.
Primary Email The new user's primary email address.
Secondary Email The new user's secondary email address.

The role of the new user.

Assign Access Group

Enable this setting to assign the user to an access group rather than specifying a specific site reference(s).

Allocated Sites / Access Groups

Assign a site reference(s) / access group(s) to the user.

  Any Trust Payments Merchant Id(s) (MID) associated with allocated site references can also be accessed by the user.

Timezone Select the new user's timezone.
Language Select the new user's language and locale. This setting also modifies the formatting of amounts, currencies and dates etc. displayed to better suit local conventions.

Click “Save” to save the user.
Click “Save and add Another" to save the user, and clear the form above so you can add further users.

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