Introduction to Portal users

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

Bring your team on board!

Portal provides extensive functionality that allows you to create
and manage users on your Trust Payments account.


  When getting started, every merchant is provided with a Portal user account with administrative privileges over their Trust Payments account.

  Admins can use Portal to register an unlimited number of users and delegate roles that determine the actions they are permitted to perform.


Admins can view, edit and delete their users.



Every new Portal user is walked through the process of setting up their account and MFA.


  To help better organise users and perform bulk actions, admins can assign their users to "Access groups".

  If a user has locked their account (e.g. by entering an incorrect password too many times), their admin can unlock their account.

  All user accounts are protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Admins can reset their users' MFA if they lose access to their key.

  New users are presented with a walkthrough tutorial of features available to them, to help them learn the UI and how to perform key functions.


  Click here to get started!


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