Gateway Statement

The statement header includes key details regarding the statement, based on the Invoice Code shown:


The header shows the Merchant Invoice Code, Merchant Name, Processing Currency, Reference Number, Processing Date (full month) and the Settlement Method for the processing merchant.

The gateway statement is only issued monthly and it is always settled using the "Gross" method.

The gateway statement follows the structure outlined below:


Processing Summary

The first page of the statement features the Processing Summary, which is an overview of requests processed for the given month. The processing is shown per invoice code and per currency.

  The processing is converted to the billing currency for your account.



Site reference heading

Each site reference included in the statement is provided with a Processing Breakdown, a section listing Ancillary Services & Fees and a summary of Total Fees, all of which contain information specific to the site reference listed.


Processing Breakdown

This section shows a breakdown by request type for each site reference associated with the invoice code being billed.


The Processing Breakdown is grouped by Payment Type, Transaction Type and Fee Type. It shows all the Number of Slips, Gross Amounts, and the Total Fees for that batch of slips.


Ancillary Services & Fees

This section includes any other fee for the given site reference that does not fall under the Processing Breakdown grouping shown above. The miscellaneous nature of these fees mean they can vary depending on your account configuration.



Site Reference Total Fees

The green bar (under the Ancillary Services & Fees table) as shown below, includes the totals for the given site reference, as it aggregates both the Processing Breakdown totals and the Ancillary Services & Fees totals:



Overall Total Fees

At the end of the statement, following all information regarding specific site references, there is a purple bar that displays the combined Overall Total Fees for all site references associated with the invoice code being billed:


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