Acquiring Statement

The statement header includes key details regarding the statement, based on the Merchant ID number (MID) shown:


The header shows the MID, Merchant Name, Processing Currency, Reference Number, Processing Date (full month) and the Settlement Method for the processing merchant.

The statement has 4 main default sections and additional 2 depending on the type of statement and/or merchant's configuration:


Processing Summary

The Processing Summary is split into 2 sections:

1    "Total Settlement Amount" - Shows the Currency and the Net Settled Amount in the specified currency.

  This is the amount that the Merchant would receive in their bank account.

2    "Payment Summary" - Shows the aggregations of Number of Slips, Gross Amounts and Fee Amounts, broken down as follows:


a    Sales - Includes the Number of slips and Gross Amount for all Sales across all terminals.

b    Processing Fees - Includes the Sales-related Fee Amounts, Transaction Fees, Interchange Fees and Card Scheme Fees (shown per terminal under the Processing Breakdown).

c    Ancillary Services - Includes all Gross Amounts for all Ancillary Services types.

d    Ancillary Fees - Includes an aggregation of all the Fees related to all the Ancillary Services.

e    Net Activity - Calculating the net activity by aggregating Sales, Processing Fees, Ancillary Services and Ancillary Fees

How Net Activity is calculated

Net Activity (e) = Sales (a) - (Processing Fees (b) + Ancillary Services (c) + Ancillary Fees (d))

f    Opening Balance - Any unpaid/collected balance carried forward from previous settlement day(s).

g    Settlement Amount - Calculated by Aggregating the Net Activity and Opening Balance

How Settlement Amount is calculated

Settlement Amount (g) = Net Activity (e) + (± Opening Balance (f))

h    Closing Balance - Any unpaid/collected balance to be carried forward to next settlement day(s).


Processing Breakdown

This section shows a breakdown of requests processed,

  When using our POS terminals, this information is shown separately for each terminal in operation. The details of the terminal in question are shown on the header of each breakdown. This includes the Terminal ID, Outlet Name and Location (as shown below).


The Processing Breakdown shows the total Number of Transactions, Gross Amounts, and Processing Fees (Trx Fees, IC (Interchange), CSF (Card Scheme Fees)) for all purchases, grouped by:

  • Scheme: Visa/Mastercard
  • Region: Domestic/Intra/Inter
  • Card Type: Consumer/Premium/Commercial
  • Service Type: Debit Card/Credit Card


Ancillary Services & Fees

The Ancillary Services & Fees section contains all of any other services and fees that do not fall under the Purchases - Transaction, Interchange or Card Scheme fees bucket. This will show the Number of Slips and Gross Amounts for Chargebacks, Authorisations, Cross-Border Fees, Refunds, Wire Fees, Adjustments, New Reserves Held and any other fee/transaction that does not fall under any of the other buckets.

  The Gross Amount and the Fee amount totals are also reflected in the Processing Summary at the beginning of the Statement.



Daily Payment Breakdown

This is a breakdown of all the settlements performed daily throughout the month. This will show the Processing Date, Sales Amount, Fees amount (processing and ancillary fees combined), the amount Held (if any), and the Paid Amount (if any).

  If the payment does not exceed the threshold set up for the currency (e.g. £25, 25€, etc.), the payment would be held until the next settlement day.

The following is an example of the Daily Payment Breakdown section:



DCC Revenue Summary

  Merchants may apply for a DCC commission agreement, where they would receive a share of revenue from DCC sales. Only merchants who have an agreement in place will be displayed the DCC Revenue Summary section.

The DCC Revenue Summary is shown on the very first page of the Acquiring Statement, directly beneath the Processing Summary section. DCC Revenue is paid out on the last day of the month, netted against the total settlement amount. If the threshold is not reached, DCC Revenue will be carried over until the next month.


The following information is displayed:

  • DCC Revenue - The total commission amount generated for the merchant.
  • DCC Revenue Payment - If the threshold configured on your account is reached, the amount to be credited into your bank account is shown, along with the associated date range that this payment covers. (An amount is only displayed here when revenue is paid out. Otherwise, this is displayed as "0.00") 

  It is possible that it can take multiple months before the threshold is reached. In this situation, the date range displayed by the DCC Revenue Payment will reflect this full range.

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