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The "Quick Menu" is the home of several key terminal functions. You can access this by tapping the "Quick Menu" icon from the Main screen, as shown below.


Quick menu item Description
RevLstTn This is used to reverse the most-recently perform transaction. This will cancel the transaction and ensure funds are made available to the customer.

This is used to re-print the most-recently printed receipt.

  This will not re-print a shift totals printout.

Refund This is used to perform a refund.
Handshake This is used to test your connection to the Internet.
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Admin This is used to access important administration settings for your device.
Network This is used to access network settings for your device.
Settings This is used to access user settings for your device.
Version This will display the version of the Operating System installed on your device.

  Some of these menu items require the device administrator password to access. If you have forgotten this password, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

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