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A Handshake is used to check the device’s connection to the internet using the current network configuration.

  A device successfully completing a handshake is only indicative of a successful connection at time of the test being performed. If you have an unreliable connection (e.g. poor cellular reception), it is entirely possible for the handshake to be successful when performed and your connection to then fail at a later time. Please bear this in mind while testing and think of the handshake as a tool to help you perform basic connection checks and troubleshooting. If you are having reliability issues with your connection, we recommend checking your network or contacting our Support Team for further assistance.

The following instructions explain how to perform the handshake function:

Castles VEGA and Ingenico devices

A handshake can be performed by going to the "Quick Menu" from the Main screen and then selecting "Handshake".


This function prints a paper receipt that provides information confirming the connection type has been established successfully (“WIFI” or “LTE”/ “3G”/ “2G” for GPRS), along with other standard information displayed on receipts, such as the terminal ID and merchant name.

  If the receipt fails to print, this indicates the handshake has failed and requires investigation.



If the connection fails to be established (connection type is listed as “UNKNOWN”) - If this occurs after following the steps to connect to Wi-Fi (Links: Move 5000, Desk 5000, 3000M/2, 3000C), please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Castles Saturn 1000


Not applicable

This functionality is not applicable to your device.

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