Testing recurring payments

Testing for the acquirer advice code

When processing recurring payments, some acquirers may return an acquirer advice code in the response. The acquirer advice code is a numeric value used to indicate if further recurring payments can be processed for the given card.

Code Description Action
0 N/A No action required
1 New account information available (Mastercard only) Query customer for updated payment details
2 Cannot approve at this time Try again later. If you are continuing to have difficulties, please contact your acquiring bank
4 Do not try again Do not process further recurring transactions
8 Payment blocked by card scheme


Where to find the acquirer advice code

  • This code is returned in your daily subscription email report.
  • It’s viewable within MyST by selecting the additional field to be displayed on the transaction search page. It can also be viewed on the single transaction view.
  • Additionally, for those who have processed a recurring AUTH transaction using the API, the code is returned in the acquireradvicecode field in the response.


How to test for different acquirer advice codes

You can test that your system responds appropriately to different acquirer advice codes by processing transactions with the following attributes:

Acquirer advice code returned Card number Base amount
0 4111111111111111 1050
2 4000000000000671 1002
4 4000000000000671 1004
8 4000000000000671 1008

  Acquirer advice code ‘1’ can only be returned for recurring Mastercard transactions.

Acquirer advice code returned Card number Base amount
0 5100000000000511 1050
1 5100000000000271 1001
2 5100000000000271 1002
4 5100000000000271 1004
8 5100000000000271 1008
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