What actions can I perform on transactions?

The following are actions that can be performed on eligible transactions using MyST. Use the links below to learn more:


A Re-Auth is a process where a new Authorisation can be performed using the same credit/debit card as a previous transaction.

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You can process a full or partial refund for a settled transaction (with request type “AUTH”).

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You can perform updates on a pending transaction (settle status “0” or “1”) using the “Update” option.

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 Account Check

An Account Check allows a card/account to be validated by checking the customer’s account, address and security code values are valid and that it is acceptable to proceed with the transaction.

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  Risk Decision (requires Protect Plus)

A Risk Decision request analyses the customer’s billing, delivery and payment details using a rule-based system to detect suspicious patterns in user activity. The system will assist you in making a decision on whether to process a customer’s transaction based on the perceived level of risk. Checks performed include:

  • The industry’s largest negative database.
  • Neural-based fraud assessments.
  • Tumbling or Swapping, where there is an unusual usage pattern in the card number, expiration date or customer details associated with a transaction.

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