TRU Fraud Check field specification

Field name Returned on Standard tier Returned on Enhanced tier Description
Shield status code
    There are three possible values:
  • “ACCEPT” – Transaction is deemed low-risk,
  • “CHALLENGE” – Transaction is deemed moderate-risk and requires action from merchant.
    Note: This is only returned for merchants on the Enhanced tier.
  • “DENY” – Transaction is deemed high-risk and has been automatically cancelled.
Trufraudcheck order ID     The TRU Fraud Check order ID associated with the transaction.
Trufraudcheck request ID
    Identifier of the event within the TRU Fraud Check system.
Fraud category details
    The ID of the applied rules.
Neural score    

Risk index calculated only on the rules-based operations.

Integer between 0 and 1000:

  • 0 is minimum risk
  • 1000 is maximum risk
Trufraudcheck comments     Indication of the reason for the decision.
Trufraudcheck tags     Cloud of tags that were established linked to the event as a result of the processing of the score.
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