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  The following documentation only applies to transactions processed using TRU Connect with TRU Acquiring as the acquiring bank.


Note: The “CHALLENGE” response is only returned for merchants on the Enhanced tier.

Providing the transactions were authorised by the issuing bank, payments flagged with “CHALLENGE” will be left in a suspended state (assigned settlestatus value 2). This allows you to follow your own procedures to investigate and ultimately approve or reject the affected transactions.

  Transactions that are left in a suspended state for 7 days are automatically cancelled.

  During checkout, the customer’s browser will have displayed a success message as usual. It is your responsibility to contact the customer to communicate any delays, changes or cancelations to their order.

How to action:

  • To allow suspended transactions to be settled, the settlestatus would need to be updated to value 1 (Manual settlement).
  • To cancel a suspended transaction, the settlestatus would need to be update to value 3 (Cancelled) (Note: This is a permanent state. Cancelled payments cannot be settled).

To update the settlestatus of suspended transactions, you can either use MyST (our web portal), or submit a TRANSACTIONUPDATE request using our Webservices API.

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