How do I perform an Incremental Auth?


  Pre-auths allow you to reserve funds in advance of a future transaction. During this time, while no funds have actually left the customer's bank account, these reserved funds are unavailable to the customer for other purchases.

The instructions below describe processing an incremental auth, a process whereby you seek authorisation to increase (increment) the funds reserved to a higher amount than was originally authorised. In this manner, you can incrementally increase the amount associated with a pre-auth prior to completion.

  1. Tap Menu icon   on screen
  2. Select Adjustment, Enter new total amount, press  
    • e.g. If increasing from a pre-auth value of £50 to £100, enter the Adjustment value as 100.
  3. Enter Auth code from original Pre-auth receipt, press  
  4. Enter Sequence number from original Pre-auth receipt, press  
  5. Incremental Auth is completed and terminal prints receipt
  6. Once complete please dispose of original pre-auth receipt (as it is no longer needed)

  Please note that American Express, Diners Club International or Discover cards do not support Incremental Auth.

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