Receipt information

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Under default settings, receipts are printed after each transaction. These contain important information and serve as proof of purchase in case of dispute claims.


Receipt example



  1. Merchant name and address.
  2. Date and time the transaction was processed.
  3. Terminal ID – Unique identifier for the terminal.
  4. Merchant ID – Unique identifier for the merchant with their acquiring bank.
  5. Transaction type – This can be either "sale", "reversal" (cancellation of a pending transaction) or "refund".
  6. Entry Method - The method by which the card info was entered into the terminal (e.g. "Contactless).
  7. PAN - Last four digits of the payment card.
  8. Payment method (e.g. "Debit Mastercard").
  9. AID - Application ID.
  10. TVR - Transaction Verification Results.
  11. TSI - Transaction Status Information.
  12. Reference number - Unique identifier for the receipt.
  13. Card Seq # - Card sequence number.
  14. Transaction amount and currency.
  15. Authorisation code – Unique identifier for the authorisation (used in case of disputes).
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