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Navigating the pages

Down the left side of the page, you can click the links to quickly navigate between the different views:




Click the   icon in the top right to access the following options:

  • Rerun - This will refresh the data shown within Guest Insights with the latest data available.
  • Settings - Change application settings.
  • Print - Print out Guest Insights data.
  • Record a screencast - Make a screen recording of your display.
  • About - Displays information regarding the version of the platform you are using.


fullscreen.svg Full-screen

Any charts or graphs displayed in Guest Insights can be expanded to a full-screen view by clicking the fullscreen.svg icon.



The Guest Insights application will often reveal further details if you use your cursor to hover over the visuals displayed. Alternatively, you can achieve the same outcome on mobile by tapping the visuals instead. In the example shown below, hovering the cursor over a data point on the pie chart causes a tooltip to appear displaying the associated amount.



Log out

Click the "Logout" button on the left side-bar to log out of Guest Insights.


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