How do I resolve "Error pairing Terminal"/"Error parsing pairTerminal null"?

  The content below does not apply to the Ingenico Link 2500 device.

{"error":"Error parsing pairTerminal null:The terminal has not registered yet,
please make sure the terminal is plugged in and connected to the network. If
you are still experiencing problems, please contact support.","errorcode":1104}

If you are receiving this error, please try the following steps to help troubleshoot your device:

Ensure terminal is connected to internet:

Ensure your terminal is paired with Trust Payments. This is a requirement for the correct operation of your device. Click here to learn how to perform the pairing process.

This error can also occur when the terminal is attempting to pair with a new ePoS system after previously being paired to a different ePoS system. To resolve this issue:

If you have paired your terminal with Trust Payments and are still receiving this error, please allow an hour for your terminal to sync and try again.

Check the your site's firewall settings:

  • The TRU POS Gateway requires access to IPs & over Port 11183.
  • The payment device must be able to contact on Ports 80 and 9001 and HTTPS proxy should be disabled.

If you are still having problems, please contact our Support Team.

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