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This document provides the technical details required to integrate an ePOS/PMS system with TRU Link, a cloud-based API developed by Trust Payments.

The service accepts HTTPS POST requests only. The HTTPS POST requests will have the following requirement:

Request Type Request Method Request Body Request Header
HTTPS POST JSON String Content-type: application/json



Test credentials can be used to test transactions and payment flows. For integrator testing please use the test credentials as shown below:

  • Secure Test URL -
  • Site ID - 1502
  • Site Password - YK8HDC3N

Once testing is complete, you will need to contact your Account Manager for the live Site ID and Password.

The token to be sent in the HTTP header of each transaction is a SHA256 hash built as follows:


For example,


Produces the following token (please ensure the token is input in lowercase):




At Trust Payments, we highly recommend that you test the integration using a physical terminal that we have issued. Please contact your Account Manager to obtain a physical test terminal. In the meantime, you can use the below details for a terminal simulator that will allow you to test:

Terminal Simulator Serial Number: 6789654678

While using this terminal simulator’s Serial Number, only even amounts will be approved (e.g. £2, £4, £6, etc.). Odd amounts (e.g. £1, £3, £5, etc.) will be declined. This allows you to use differing amounts to test both approved and declined transactions.


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