Unpair POS (revert to standalone mode)

This article explains how to revert a previously paired terminal to standalone mode.

Follow the appropriate instructions below for your terminal:

Castles VEGA and Ingenico devices

If you are a semi-integrated POS merchant and your terminal is displaying the following icon, this means your terminal is in a paired state.


If you wish to unpair and operate in standalone mode, please follow the steps below:

1. Select “Quick menu“.

2. Select “Admin“.

3. Enter Manager password.

4. Select “Unpair POS“.

  Your terminal should be unpaired, and you should see this icon:

Once successfully unpaired, your terminal will automatically de-activate from semi-integrated mode. You should now see the icon above and you will be able to take payments in standalone mode.

Castles Saturn 1000


Not applicable

This functionality is not applicable to your device.

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