I can't see all columns in Transaction search results table

To streamline our interface and prevent the need to scroll left and right to view all content, our Transaction search results tables are responsive to the size of your browser window. This means that if you have many columns selected, the right-most columns may be hidden by default.

How to view the hidden data

  1. Click the   icon on the left of the row of interest.


  2. The row will then expand downward to show all hidden data.


If you would prefer data not to be hidden from view

You can change how the table is displayed on the page by following these steps:

  1. Click the   icon in the top-right of the page and then "Display options".


  2. From the pop-up that is displayed, click "Tables" to expand and view more options.


  3. From here, there are two options of interest:
    • "Responsive" - By disabling this option, the table will no longer be restricted to fit the width of your display. Instead, the full table will be displayed, and you can scroll left and right to view all data as needed.
    • "Compact" - By enabling this option, the font size and padding between table cells is reduced, allowing for more data to be displayed on the screen without the need to scroll.
  4. When you have finished selecting your changes, click "Save" and the changes will be reflected on the page immediately, without the need to perform a new search.

These settings are retained on your account, so you only need to configure this once and MyST will remember your preferences for every search you perform from now on.

  Alternatively, you can go to the "Fields" tab at the top of the Transaction search page and deselect some of the fields that you don't need and click "Search" again. You can even save your preferred fields for later so you don't need to set up your columns again. Click here to learn how.

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